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Success Stories

A Walking Miracle

In September 2011, our facility admitted a 51 year old male Medicaid resident who was non-ambulatory and unable to communicate verbally. This gentleman also had a newly placed PEG tube and a trach. When he was discharged in April of 2012 he was walking independently and communicating verbally. His trach had been removed, he had no respiratory problems, and his PEG feeding tube was no longer necessary. He was able to eat pureed foods and to feed himself. He was discharged to an assisted living facility closer to his family in Nash County.

His family was extremely appreciative of his care and stated that he was a “Walking Miracle”. The former resident continues to keep in contact with staff members and has said multiple times that he misses being at Richmond Pines and that he wishes he could have stayed at our facility.

T. Taylor’s Continuing Success Story

T. Taylor, an 18 year old victim of a horrible car accident in which three others had been killed, was also admitted to our facility in the fall of 2011. When this young woman came to us she had a trach and a PEG tube, was unable to communicate and was totally dependent on staff to anticipate and meet her needs.

Since then the trach and PEG have been discontinued and she is able to feed herself. She can now communicate with basic language and using story boards. She remains in our facility and continues to make progress with the help of our therapy department. The resident’s responsible party is one of our own CNA/Med-Aides. They placed her with us because they knew first-hand the quality of care that would be provided. Her family hopes to be able to take her home eventually.

Happy, Happy Birthday

One of our residents just celebrated his 100th birthday and another celebrated her 105th. Birthday celebrations were held at the facility to acknowledge these amazing milestones. Despite their age both residents have some degree of independence and can assist staff with their daily care.